About Our Tiny House Project

Our ideal home is portable (tow it ourselves), comfortably sized (needs a slideout), solidly constructed and well-insulated, furnished with quality fixtures and appliances, equipped with standard utility hookups, and within our budget. Since we couldn't find one that meets all those criteria, we decided have to build one ourselves with the help of my Pop, a retired mechanical genius with a shop and every tool known to man. 

Follow our adventure as we build our custom 394 square foot tiny house. We'll be posting blog updates, photos, and videos as we progress. We'll only post advice that we have personally tried and tested successfully. If you want to read our new posts without having to check our site, subscribe to our blog feed using your favorite feed reader site or app.

We are finished with our Sketchup plans and are making the following available for download: 

  • Complete Google Sketchup drawing
  • Detailed parts and suppliers Excel spreadsheet
  • Slideout construction plans in PDF format.
  • 30 minutes of video of how we constructed the MEGA slideout.

See our Plans page to purchase.