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Big Tiny House With Mega Slideout Plans

Big Tiny House With Mega Slideout Plans

2/24/16 (5 years ago)

BIG Tiny House Plans Now Available!

We've had incredible response to our modern 394 sq. ft. tiny house on wheels and mega 24' slideout. To everyone who signed up for our plans: thanks for your patience! Our plans are now available for download.

We are offering the following resources for those of you who want to know what's involved in building your own tiny house with a slideout:

  • Complete Google Sketchup 3D drawing: Download the Google Sketchup drawing that we used to design and build our tiny house. Using the free version of Google Sketchup Make, you can view our tiny house plans in 3D, get measurements, hide/show layers, view cross-sections, and even edit the drawing to customize our plans for your own unique tiny house. Free updates.
  • Complete Parts List: Want to know where we purchased an item or how much something weighs? Download our complete parts list in an Excel spreadsheet. It shows all the materials we used to build our tiny house, including: part numbers, cost, weight, supplier info, and links where online information is available from the supplier. Free updates.
  • Detailed Slideout Plans: Curious about how we added 100+ square feet to our tiny house by building a custom 24x5' level-floor slideout? Want to build your own? Download our PDF diagram and template. Watch videos of how we constructed the slideout mechanism. Free updates.

We hope these resources will help tiny house builders to get a better picture of what's involved in building a tiny house, save time researching, learn from our experience, and build their own tiny dream home. Go to our plans page to learn more.